Brands – In and Out

There has been so much going on with makeup brands everywhere lately, thought I should do a little post to let you all know.

Heard from Makeup Junkie: Urban Decay is coming to Shoppers! My friend on twitter is already excited about the fact that she could earn or redeem Optimum points for the goodies, lol. It’s just a matter of time after the launch (January 22) that more Shoppers across the country will have the line. *Happy face*

Another news also from Makeup Junkie, Cargo is pulling out from Sephora (hence the 50% off crazy sale). It’s sad that Canadians now can only find the brand at Murale stores which are not widely accessible. *Sad face*

Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog tweeted news about Essence. I don’t know whether a twipic link is valid forever, so here’s her tweet:

“Essence, a German m/u line, arrives @ all Ulta stores by 4/10 . Nail, eye, lip & face items for less than $5!”. Photo credit: Karen.

I haven’t heard much about this brand except for the fun nail polishes, so American ladies, you guys are in luck for a new brand. *Happy face*

And lastly, one of my favorite mineral makeup brands – The She Space – has decided to discontinue all lines. The good news is all the shadows are on for $2.50/ jar until ran out. The bad news is there won’t be TSS shadows anymore at the end. Heather decided to follow her dream of a small business (now called Hope Quest Cosmetics) with a message of hope and inspiration, broaden the idea behind the Hope Quest quad. I admire her decision so much, walking away from an extremely fast-growing business, a brand new store front with tons and tons of colours to come back to where her company was a few years ago. That is just amazing!

I’m sad to see TSS go, but curious about what Hope Quest would be like. I’m happy for Heather though, as it seems the current company isn’t what she wanted. I’m wishing her best luck on the new journey. *Sad face*

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