Breaking up is hard to do OR how to lose a dream job and still carry on

Gratuitous puppy photo

Gratuitous puppy photo

First, I have to apologize for it being quiet on the blogging front this week. Some of you who follow me on Twitter or who know me in real life have already heard the sad news. As the title of this post indicates, my dream job and I broke up on Monday. After three years of loving the work that I do on a daily basis, having a great group of colleagues, and really feeling like I was not just growing personally but contributing to something that was bigger than me, the dream finally ended.

Unfortunately, we live in uncertain economic times. The CBC got hit with having to face significant cutbacks which meant layoffs and eventually the dreaded union bumpings based on seniority. So, here I am.

I thought I’d be devastated. Not everyone gets the chance to work at their dream job. So I count myself lucky in that regard. Three years out of a career is pretty good. Maybe it’s only fair that someone else gets the chance to live that dream. The thing is, I became aware very quickly that there are other dream jobs out there. Maybe some of them are just waiting for me.

From the moment I tweeted my job loss on Monday afternoon, I’ve been receiving an enormous outpouring of well-wishes, offers to keep eyes and ears open, and even some more tangible offers to consider my resume for positions opening up. For that, I am grateful to have connected such genuinely caring and interested people. Some of whom I haven’t even met in real life.

I am an optimist at heart and know that there are great opportunities ahead of me. Mostly, I just wanted to leave this long note to everyone who has said or thought a kind word on my behalf. It really means the world to me while I’m mourning the loss of one dream job and in search of another.


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