Ahhhh…ohmmmmmm….better than……nom,nom,nom.
Yes, I am on track and excited with my decision to eat clean and move more.
Only day 2 but hey, gotta stay positive:)

This is an older print in my shop that I always ship free in keeping with the spirit of the image. ( if it is sold and you are interested, don’t worry I will relist as I notice) I’ve had a flurry of sales in my shop this weekend which was lovely! Things have been in a bit of a slump including myself, so glad to see that change.

Cold and sunny and frosty this am. I’ve noticed that the light is hanging around a bit longer:) Yay. I’ve got printing, packaging and post officing to do and then it is off to the gym and then time to hit the brushes.

Hope you have a great week:)

Rainmen Rally in the Second Half to Defeat Quebec – RAINMEN 112, KEBS 87

ISA World Juniors: Interview with Jacob Albury