Bringing Wedding Cheer In Tough Times

2020 and 2021 are set to be two of the toughest years in which to tie the knot, but couples are making it work. In Wolfville, one couple showed in late December that you can enjoy the magic of a wedding despite current conditions and restrictions across the province. When you can’t necessarily enjoy the big white wedding that you had planned for, a great way to inject a little magic into proceedings is through bringing it back home and looking for ways for Halifax to influence your big day.

Don’t rush

Halifax is, and always has been, a bustling harbour city. However, that doesn’t take away from the cold, which has always lent itself to a slower way of life. This can influence your engagement. There is nothing wrong with a long engagement, and in fact, you can learn to grow with your partner and enjoy each-other’s company to an even greater degree, and ultimately let this make your wedding day all the more special. Global News outlined this trend recently, noting how more and more Canadians were choosing to take long engagements or not marry at all. Get engaged, but don’t worry about rushing through a ceremony – take it easy.

Bringing in tradition

Long before Europeans settled in Halifax, it was ancestral lands for the Mi’kmaq people. They had their own set of wedding rites and rituals, just like any society, and you can bring them into your own. These traditions are seeing increasing popularity – Saltwire reported on individuals from across several backgrounds enjoying and committing to Mi’kmaq rituals at a powwow up in Newfoundland and Labrador. Bringing some traditional edge to your ceremony is a great way to pay homage to the history of Nova Scotia.

Choosing the right time

Above all, use this opportunity to pick the right time. Adverse conditions have not prevented couples from tying the knot in recent years, with highlighting how one couple even saw Dorian as a sideshow back in 2019. The slowdown in events is a chance for you to put your own mark on your wedding.

Take it slow, take it easy, and use a bit of local inspiration. 2021 is providing the perfect backdrop to weddings that can really encapsulate everything you want them to be. In Nova Scotia, there’s a perfect background to create just the type of wedding that you want.

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