Brunch at Jane’s on the Common

My good friend is in town for the next couple days. A week ago he informed me that his flight would arrive at 8:30 am on Sunday, and that we would be going to Jane’s on the Common for Brunch “immediately”. This was an order that I was more than happy to oblige!

The b’ys had their usual of Benny Eggs, yet I often find myself ordering off the special menu for fear that the options will never again be made available. I decided on the Omelette of the Day, served w/ mixed greens, roasted potato and a wedge of sourdough toast. I’m not often a fan of roasted potatoes – more often than not, they’re a filler that I’d prefer to avoid. Jane’s does them right though, with a crispy crust and soft interior…just the way I like my spuds!

My omelette was a mix of smoked salmon and spinach, delicious on it’s own, yes, but the killer was the luscious lemon-dill cream cheese enclosed within the fluffy eggs. A delicate mixed greens salad and Jane’s signature potatoes rounded out the pate. I also asked for a side of their apple- chutney to round out the dish.

Soooo happy with my selection-fluffy eggs with rich smoked salmon and amazing, melted cream cheese made for a righteous start to my Sunday morning. As I said, I often order the special, but not without the agonizing decision of the fish cakes, the gourmet grilled cheese , the Benny Eggs….you get the idea.

While I was waiting for my table, there was approx 10 people waiting in line. When we left there were another 15 peeps waiting for a table- a testament to this resto’s incredible food, great service and all-around good vibe.

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