The Fundamental Impacts of Social Media in Society

Never before in the history of mankind have we been able to communicate with each other the way we do now. These changes, enabled by technology, are changing the very root of how we work, play and grow our society.
Here’s what has already fundamentally changed as a result of Social Media tools;
1. We can “network” to more people than ever before in man’s history
2. We can connect to people pan-geographically like never before
3. The cost of communicating is the lowest in our history
5. We can communicate/share with text, audio and images unlike ever before
6. Our ability to communicate is faster than ever in mankind’s history
7. Our ability to control/manage “how” we communicate with different social networks is more powerful
8. Never before in our history have we been able to “organize” into social groups like we can today
9. Never before in man’s history have we been able to collaborate in building knowledge like we can now
10. We can now get an emotional reading on a population/demographic like never before
12. For the first time in history we can have multiple communications with distinct groups (i.e. work, family, friends) simultaneously.

These facts are quite profound. Since “socializing” is a primary human behaviour. Everyone belongs to some form of social group. Everyone. Whether that be our friends and family, our neighbourhood, work relationships or hobby groups.
We’re now just learning how to use these tools. And we’re only just beginning. We don’t know how this will change our society, but it will and already is. Here area few of the areas I see that we’ll face changes that I will address in future posts;
1. The way consumers and companies interact
2. Marketing and public relations will be re-invented
3. The way we view “privacy” will fundamentally change
4. Democratic process will change (becomming more democratic)
5. We now have the ability to affect global change (for good or bad)
6. The employee/employer relationship will change
7. Industrial Media will change
8. The social contract between Industrial Media and the general public is changing
9. We will become (already are) more globally and locally aware simultaneously
10. We will go through a stage of Hypersocialization
11. Our language(s) will change unlike ever before
What do you see? What do you think will change?
Keep in Mind: Technology does not cause a revolution. But a revolution cannot occur without the technology.

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