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Brunch at Morris East

Morris East
5212 Morris St., Halifax
(Alt. location: 620 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford West)
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, 11am-3pm

When I suggested Morris East for brunch last Sunday, my bro was like – “Morris East does brunch?”

Why, yes! Yes they do, and they make good use of their pizza oven in doing so.

Morris East offers two varieties of breakfast pizza (as well as a lunchy pizza menu), and also some baked/skillet egg dishes, eggs benedict, and sandwiches of a breakfast or non-breakfast nature.

You can get a salad/soup and 9″ pizza for $13. Add a boozy bevvy and mini dessert for $20 for the full meal deal.

I enjoyed a perfectly seasoned Chipotle Caesar. It was delicious but I’m a fan of Caesars in the $4 range, whereas this was a little pricey at $9 for 1.5oz. When it comes down to a choice between one really good Caesar and lots and lots of Caesars, my brunch preferences can sometimes favour the latter. Not today, though, ‘cus my little bro was paying!

I was compelled to order the Big Breakfast Pizza because: pizza.

Big Breakfast Pizza ($16): tomato sauce, smoked cheddar, spinach, portobello mushroom, smoked bacon, sunny egg, micro greens.

Vegetarian Spinach Option Available

Morris East pizza 1

I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly charred crispy crust and sauce – much, much better than the margherita pizza I had on my last adventure here. It made me want to return to try many more pizzas.

As for the breakfast element – it was decent. I had one piece of under-cooked bacon, but mostly enjoyed the chewycrisp bacon, portobellos and other veggies. Very yummy. The pizza came with one egg sitting on top, which I attempted to cut into 6 pieces so that each slice got a bit of egg. This was a little bit awkward but much better than the flavourless scrambled eggs I experienced on the Foggy Goggle’s b’fast pizza. Still not as eggy as I would have liked.

I’m not really sure how this could be improved. Maybe little quail eggs adorning each slice? That would be cute! Anyway…

My bro ordered the Eggs Benedict ($14): two poached eggs on a housemade biscuit, hollandaise, Oulton’s smoked ham, served with greens and potato wedges.
Spinach Option available

Morris East benny 1

Whoa! Look at that ham! Not at all what we were expecting, as most places just use thin slices or rounds. This was big meaty smoky ham – bam! Nice.

The Hollandaise was thick and tasty, if not a little scarce. The eggs were executed properly, and the only complaint my brother had was that he didn’t much like the texture of the biscuits. They were soft, and had a nice flavour. Personal preference, and one that I’ve come across before with other brunch dates.

He didn’t have much to say about the salad, but says the potatoe wedges were “really good – nice and crispy” (I guess the picture doesn’t do them justice?)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room to try the famous Fire Roasted S’more with home-made marshmallow and chocolate ganache.

Next time!

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