Brunch at The Armview

My gal pal Heather and I met up last week for a good, efficient working breakfast.  If you’re not aware of it, you should really check out her business Twin Bridges Photography.  She and her work are awesome!!
Anyhow, we’re talking about food here, so I’ll get to the good stuff.  Originally heading out for brunch at the Heartwood Cafe and Bakery, we were pretty bummed to see that it was closed (which I’ve since found out was for renos – not permanently).  Since we were in that end of town, we opted for The Armview instead.  I’ve heard tons about this place, but had never been – carless, I normally stick to restos within walking distance.  

When we arrived, we were greeted by a sweet server who kept our coffee mugs full.  Heather opts for the breakfast sandwich; the Chebucto with bacon, egg and cheddar cheese served with a fruit cup for $8.

 The Chebucto

   I have to admit – I had a bit of food envy.  Look how delish!!

I, as per usual, tailored my order!  I chose the Senorita ($11); poached eggs, avocado and salsa served on slices of tomato as opposed to the English muffin.  I’m always nervous about my benny being drenched in the sauce so I always have it served on the side as well.  This was a pretty good breakfast.  Forget about food groups, I had all the food textures covered; rich & creamy (avocado/Hollandaise), fresh & spicy (tomato/salsa) and salty and crispy (home fries).  Speaking of crispy, those home fries were perfect – for my taste that is.  I’m very particular about my potato products; they MUST have a crispy exterior!

The Senorita

This was a great spot to stop for breakfast – whether working or just enjoying time with good friends.  I think I’ll make these two feet do some walkin and stop by another time soon!


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mommies: get ready to rock your fitness!

mommies: get ready to rock your fitness!