New Fave Meal at Hamachi Steakhouse

A couple Saturday nights ago, Mitch and I ended up at Hamachi Steakhouse.  We had just come home from an all-day, around-town excursion and did the usual Saturday night dance of: Take out? No take out. Grocery store to pick up ingredients and make dinner? Too lazy.  Go out to dinner? Done.

After several back and forths, we realized that we had vouchers for the Hamachi Group, so we chose the Steakhouse on the waterfront for dinner.  Unfortunately, the clock on the stove has remained an hour ahead since last Fall’s time change (don’t judge me) so when we called and said OK to 9pm dinner, thinking it was 8pm….we had a really long wait!

When we finally got down and seated, it was 9 on the nose, and we placed our orders pretty quickly!  This is a great space to go on a weekend night because the place is always rocking with Teppanyaki – the practice of the chefs cooking your dinner on the slab grills in frount of you.  There were about 4 full tables and the hootin’ and hollerin’ made turned our dining experience into full out dinner theatre!

If you’re lucky enough to know my pal Anthony, you’d be jealouse, as he was our server for the night.  We started off with a bottle of wine and sweet-talked A into sweet-talking the chefs into making our (typically) deep-fried platter into a grilled one. We had the Seafood Assortment ($15.99) and instead of panko breaded scallops, calamari and shrimp, we had succulently tender seafood that really shone!  It was served with both tonkatsu sauce and house made ponzu; deliciously mysterious asian flavours.

Seafood Assortment (sans Panko breading)

Mitch loves steak, and often ends up ordieng one whereever we go; and when in a steakhouse….  He ordered the Teriyaki Striploin (8 oz.) served with sauteed veg and a side salad.  It was a pretty good steak for $26….Although I think that I had the better plan!

Teriyaki Striploin

I decided on the “Your Choice” salad – which is like: the BEST salad deal in Halifax!  The ‘choice’ here is that you can select from steak, salmon, shrimp, tuna, chicken, etc. to top this tasty bed of greens. The salad itself is comprised of spinach, tomato, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, edamame and shiitake mushrooms (one of my absolute favorite things) for just $11.99!  This is all served with Hamachi’s house-made apple vinaigrette.  I get mine with rare steak and it’s fantastic – waaayyy better than a $26 steak, in my opinion, but then again, there is a slight variation in appetites between Mitch and I.

 Your Choice Salad w/ steak

This salad is so good that I get it again that very week when we host a work function at Hamachi.  This time, I order the salmon option.  It’s equally delicious and filling.  I’ve found a new love here.

 Your Choice Salad w/ salmon


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