Bumpy Shopping: Part two. Favourite things for a fashionable maternity

If you recall yesterday’s post, Jo was telling us about how it’s not easy to be  fashionable, or professionally dressed, when you’re pregnant. So she came up with three rules: 1. find cuts and styles that work with your body and will grow with your body (jersey and ruching are her favourites); 2. When you do start shopping in the maternity section, remember rule number 1; and 3. Don’t go overboard – stick to wardrobe building basics. Today, Jo tells us about the basics that fit her belly and her life (which means she still looks good and like she belongs in her office).


My biggest splurge was designer maternity jeans. At first glance, this is brilliant makes no sense – spending all that money on jeans you wear for 9 months, maybe more, depending on how long it takes to lose the dreaded baby weight. A friend of mine recommended this approach saying, “Trust me. When you are feeling huge and un-sexy and frustrated because nothing fits – now and after baby is born – you will be SO glad that you have at least one fabulous pair of jeans that make you feel amazing.”

SOLD! (Like I need convincing). Let’s call it an investment in my mental health, shall we?

Plus, I think the comfy panel will come in handy long afterwards. I have had many “Joey moments”, when I wish I had a nice stretchy panel to expand with my turkey dinner-filled belly.

I opted for these lovely Citizens from Foreign Affair (sadly, the only maternity anything FA sells, is these jeans):


It’s all in the details: look for ruched tanks and wrap tops

I found Isabella Oliver in a maternity magazine, and it was love at first sight. Based in England, these gals know how to dress a bump. Most of their clothes are ruched or wrapped for a great fit that works at every stage – even not pregnant, I’m sure! I wear them with everything, and mix and match with many other things in the closet. Apparently Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani wore IO when they were pregnant. So when I where one of these, I almost feel as though I will soon be trotting off with my seven thousand kids to my chateau in France, or getting ready for a red carpet, somewhere. But I digress …

I splurged on an IO order (they cover your duty, ship quickly, and sometimes have sales!) including these tops, plus a tank in black and the pants below…and, um, a “few” other things…  Some items are a bit pricey (but not outrageous), but others are totally reasonable, and all are totally worth it.

Dress pants

Since it’s summer, one pair for work will do nicely. Like these, from IO:

Casual pants

Found these goodies at Old Navy and also a great pair of black cargo capris from H&M


Empire waist dresses already found in closet, plus a few new additions. Nothing that I won’t wear after pregnancy. For work, I toss on a suit jacket (unbuttoned, obviously). I want to look like this:

um, can we talk about how Ali Larter is really rocking this whole maternity thing?? Disgusting…

But in reality, I look a little more like this:

L-A: ummm…I think Jo in reality looks awesome!

Stretchy skirts

Wrap sweater

I almost can’t wait for fall so I can wear this beauty from lululemon more:

Cute flats

It’s always fun to expand the shoe collection, especially with these Michael Kors and Fergie’s from John David:

There’s no question, it’s tough. You do actually have more important things to think about and spend money on than clothes you will only wear for a “blip” in your life. But that’s life. Find a balance, and make smart choices. Many of these pieces will work well for me after baby, as I work to get back into my regular clothes. Some I can imagine I will wear even then and they will become regular items in the closet. And others I will probably pack away. But you can bet that I will hang onto at least one pair of pants with a panel, for turkey dinners.

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