Burger #16 – Big Eats (Eats Mobile)

From the moment I heard “Food Truck Party” I knew there was no way that I was going to pass up on this opportunity. The Coast (a popular Halifax paper) hosted this wonderful Food Truck Party in the parking lot of the Museum of Natural History.

Unsure of what burger related things I would find there, I eventually settled on the Eats Mobile food truck and their Big Eats burger.

*For this burger, I’m not going to do the ratings as I feel that this is a special circumstance and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with the other burgers.


From the menu: “A 7oz handmade 100% beef patty loaded with lettuce, tomato, & sautéed onion”



One thing about food trucks is that most, but not all, of the time, they are there for a quick meal. Due to this, you don’t really expect it to be all fancied up and presented in a stunning way. This is mostly the nature of the food truck, and it shouldn’t necessarily be considered a bad thing. The Big Eats burger didn’t exactly look like a new and creative recipe. It looked like a classic backyard BBQ kind of burger, which was perfectly fine with me.



The first thing I noticed when I picked up the burger, was the weight. A 7oz burger isn’t something you eat everyday, so I was impressed with the solid meaty structure of the burger. After a few bites, I was reminded again of that classic backyard burger. The handmade patty was cooked nicely, and the classic burger toppings made it a really enjoyable burger. I will say that my one mistake with this burger was that it was the first thing I got at the party, and it was a very filling option for the first food truck of the day (that didn’t stop me from eating other things though…).


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service

The setting in which I got this burger wasn’t exactly similar to the previous burgers I have talked about. The food truck party was set up in the parking lot of the Museum of Natural History, and there was a huge crowd of people that showed up for the event. I managed to get there pretty close to the start time, so I didn’t really have that long of a wait for my burger. My only complaint with the service from the Eats Mobile truck is that their order window is a little awkward. That being said, fitting a kitchen into a truck can’t be an easy task, so the window isn’t really a big deal.

Cost vs. What You Get

This 7oz burger cost $7.50 (I added cheese on mine so I think it came to $8.50). For a burger this size, there is definitely nothing wrong with this price. It was extremely filling and tasted pretty good, so in my opinion, it fulfilled the two requirements of a food truck meal.


I really enjoyed both the Big Eats burger and the whole environment of the food truck party. It is such a great idea getting all the food trucks together in one place, and it allows people to try many different kinds of food in the span of a couple hours. I am glad that I got there early and was able to get my burger pretty quickly. Near the halfway point, there was tons of people there and the lines were extremely long. We even overheard that a lot of the trucks had run out of food fairly quickly. Despite all that, I feel like it was a great time for most, myself included.

If you know of any other events that are coming up, that are going to have a burger you think I would want to try, please contact me and let me know!

Eats Mobile Inc.

Here’s a few other photos from the Food Truck Party:

Crowd starting to form!

Waiting in one of the super fun long lines…

The wait was so worth the donuts from Ol’ School Donuts!

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