Burger #17 – The Frog Burger (The Fickle Frog)

After a bit of a break from the burger life (sometimes work gets in the way), I figured it was time to get back to it. For this burger, I went to a favourite place of mine, The Fickle Frog.

Located at 5675 Spring Garden Road, The Fickle Frog is a great place to grab a beer and a meal without having to go deep into downtown Halifax. With a wide range of food on their menu, there is sure to be something to satisfy even the most pickiest of eaters. For this burger, I went with The Frog Burger.


From the menu: “100% pure sirloin beef patty, pepper jack cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet onion, bacon with house aioli”


Appearance (7/10)

As soon as the burger was put in front of me, the first thing I immediately noticed was the bright red roasted peppers that were draped across the patty. It certainly added a pleasing visual aspect to the burger, and I had no doubt that it would also be pleasing in the taste department as well. Another point of interest in terms of appearance was the bun. It looked like a great housing for this burger and I was really excited to give it a taste. The one thing that was somewhat disappointing was the small quantity of the potato wedges that I chose for my side. Other than that, I was pretty excited for this burger.


Taste (8/10)

After only one bite, I knew immediately that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this burger. I was completely right in assuming that the red pepper would be a delicious addition to this burger, and I couldn’t get enough of it. The bacon and cheese were so tasty and full of flavour. The bun was perfect for this burger, and because of it’s larger size, it allowed the burger to stay together and made it pretty easy to eat. My favourite part of this burger had to be the sweet onions. They had the traditional onion flavour, but the sweetness of them was so delicious and I was very surprised with how much I actually enjoyed their contribution to the burger (mostly because I have not been a huge onion fan in the past). The burger patty itself was also very appetizing and really had a lot of flavour to it, which is a really important aspect that I look for in a burger.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (8/10)

The Fickle Frog has always been a favourite place of mine within Halifax. They have cheap beer, great staff, and delicious food. This visit was no exception. The waitresses were friendly and talkative, and we received our drinks and food fairly quickly. We were there around 9PM and there was a good amount of people in the restaurant. Another awesome thing about The Fickle Frog is that their kitchen is open late (until 2AM I believe), which is great for an alternative to the numerous greasy fast food places that are a typical choice for late night hunger.

Cost vs. What You Get (9/10)

To get this burger, it will cost you $12 ($15 if you want to make it a double). For a burger of this quality, $12 is a steal. I love when I find a really awesome burger that both tastes great and is a reasonable price, and The Frog Burger meets both of those criteria.

Overall (8/10)

This burger experience was very pleasing. The burger was great and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend this burger, and if you are not feeling a burger, I would still recommend going to The Fickle Frog and grabbing a beer with some friends.

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The Fickle Frog
5675 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS
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