Burger #34 – Banger Burger (Durty Nelly’s)

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Another warm Summer evening meant it was time to hit up another one of Halifax’s great patios.

For this meal, I visited another favourite of mine, Durty Nelly’s. Located at 1660 Argyle Street, this was my first visit back (with the exception of Burger Week) since they changed their menu around. I decided to go with their Banger Burger for this visit.

I have been making some changes with the format for my posts, and I’ve decided to no longer do the “Restaurant Atmosphere & Service” section of my reviews. I feel like this will make it more about the burger, which I assume is the main reason you are here. Feel free to give some feedback on this change or anything else you would like to see. I would love to hear from you!


From the menu: “Ground pork patty, Jameson bacon jam, lettuce, pickle, horseradish aioli”

Appearance (7/10)

The first thing I noticed about this burger was the goat cheese, mostly because the menu didn’t mention that it was included on the burger. I didn’t mind the addition, but just a warning to those that might.

The pork patty looked super juicy, and it made me more excited that I decided to change things up and go with pork instead of beef. I was surprised to see a different bun than the one I was used to getting here. I was a big fan of the pretzel buns they used to have, so I was curious to see if this version could hold its own.

Taste (7.75/10)

The star of the show was definitely the Jameson bacon jam. It had a great flavour to it and the paste-like texture was surprisingly very welcome. The pork was seasoned perfectly, and when paired with the amount of juiciness in the meat, it made for a really delicious patty. The horseradish aioli was pretty good, but it may have been a touch overpowering. The bun was nice and fresh, but I think I still prefer the pretzel buns they used to use.

Cost vs. What You Get (7.5/10)

This burger rings in at $14. The awesome pork patty and bacon jam made this price pretty reasonable. If it had been one of their pretzel buns, I would even consider paying a little more (seriously, those buns were delicious!).

Overall (7.42/10)

I was happy with this burger. Getting to change it up and try a pork patty, in lieu of beef, was really nice. I have yet to be disappointed with a burger from Durty Nelly’s, and this one was no exception.

Durty Nelly’s
1660 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS

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