Burger #35 – Mozza Chicken Burger (Fickle Frog)

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Since starting this blog, one thing I have learned is that burgers come in all different shapes and sizes.

You can have ones that are plain and simple, or there can be ones that are extravagant, inventive, and (sometimes) over the top. There is also numerous possibilities when it comes to the meat you can use. While LoB initially started out mostly dealing with beef burgers, I’ve decided that it’s time to start expanding. This is where Fickle Frog comes in. Located at 5675 Spring Garden Road, this has been a place where I have enjoyed a few beef burgers (and maybe a few beer). I chose this place to be the first burger of the chicken variety for Life of Burgers, and it was titled the Mozza Chicken Burger.


From the menu: “A chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and aioli. Served with lettuce, tomato, sweet onions and baked until golden”

Appearance (5/10)

The first thing that stood out to me, which actually had nothing to do with the burger, was that they gave me a salad instead of the potato wedges I ordered. I figured that with all the meat I consume, that a salad probably wasn’t that bad of an idea, so I wasn’t too worried about it. When it came to the actual burger, I wasn’t overly wow-ed. The bun looked pretty good but everything else looked somewhat plain.

Taste (4/10)

My favourite part of this burger was in fact the super soft bun. However, that is pretty much the only part that I liked. The chicken that was used wasn’t very flavourful, and there was actually a few pieces of gristle in it. Also, there wasn’t much cheese on it, which is strange for a burger with “Mozza” in its name. The burger overall was pretty bland, which was disappointing.

Cost vs. What You Get (4.25/10)

This burger costs $12, which would normally be a good price for a burger, but I really didn’t feel as though what I got was worth it. In my opinion, there would have to be some changes made to this burger for it to be worth the price tag.

Overall (4.42/10)

The Fickle Frog is easily one of my most visited places in the city. I love the laid back nature of the restaurant/bar, and I have really enjoyed the beef burgers that I have had there. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t overly pleased with this burger, but given the track record of my previous visits, this was just a bump in the road and I will definitely be back again.

The Fickle Frog Pub
5675 Sping Garden Road, Halifax, NS

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