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Burger #57 – The MacDaddy (Flipburger)

The weather is getting (somewhat) warmer, restaurants are setting up their patios, and I’ve finally recovered from the piles of delicious burgers that I devoured during Halifax Burger Week and PEI Burger Love! Not wanting to waste any time getting the Summer burger season underway, I stopped in at Flipburger on Argyle to try out The MacDaddy!


From the menu: “Deep fried mac & cheese, pulled pork, spicy ketchup, pickled onions and grilled tomato”


Appearance (6/10)

The first thing that you notice with this burger is the deep-fried brick of mac & cheese, which is sitting on top of a messy pile of pulled pork and grilled tomato. I couldn’t tell much about the mac & cheese since it was hidden inside the crunchy, breaded exterior, but I was intrigued. The patty that was buried beneath all of this appeared to be really well-done, and that didn’t make me super excited about the beef.


Taste (4/10)

I really liked the crunch that the deep-fried mac & cheese gave to the overall burger, but that is pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about this meal. The inside of the mac & cheese brick was somewhat cold, and it was pretty bland. The pulled pork, while plentiful, was dry, and it really could have benefitted from a sauce of some sort thrown into the mix.

My worries about the over-cooked beef unfortunately were warranted, as the patty was lacking juiciness and had a pretty tough texture. I did like the kick from the spicy ketchup, but there was so little on the burger that I didn’t get much opportunity to taste it.

Cost vs. What You Get (5/10)

The price of The MacDaddy is $10.22 ($13.22 if you make it a combo). $13.22 isn’t a bad price for a burger combo, but I just had a lot of issues with this one, and it would definitely need some improvements before I would order it again.

Overall (5/10)

I have had some great burgers at Flipburger in the past, so I figured it would be a good choice to get the Summer burger season started. Unfortunately, this one missed the mark for me, and I wasn’t overly impressed. I’m really hoping that it was just a misstep, as I still want Flipburger in my life.

1565 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS

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