Burly men with shifty eyes are welcome.

I had a bit of a problem with the latest version of WordPress, the open source (i.e., FREE) application that this blog is run on.  I know we live in a culture where NEWER = BETTER, but I’m here to tell you that that ain’t always the way.  As, I’m sure, any Vista user will second.  My WordPress account kept advising me to PLEAE UPDATE to the LATEST VERSION and so, like the good little wife of a data manager who gets grumbled at when she ignores the updates for antivirus software, I did.  Which rendered my blog useless.  A bug in the code, apparently.  A pain in the ass, actually.  My live-in technical staff husband was on the case immediately and managed to DOWNGRADE my version of WordPress so that I could write again.  So here I am. Writing again. Lesson learned: I’m going to keep ignoring software updates despite Adam’s growls.

Nicfucius says: Yesterday we said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Today we say, “Leave me alone, you with your goddamned upgrades.”

It’s been a rather exciting few days.  My NEW! DIGITAL! PIANO! has arrived!  Just when you were getting used to my whining.  Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll find something else to complain about in no time.  I really am quite excited about the piano (in case I’ve been too subtle).  It will be so much better to teach singing with.  My last keyboard was like a toy.  It only had 55 keys- all middle to high-range.  When teaching male students I had to mime playing in the bass clef.  Which was embarrassing for everyone involved.  And I was at a real disadvantage because I could never tell when Jaws was coming.  He almost got me twice.  Strange stuff…  Anyway, it’s cool to have this new keyboard because I very rarely buy myself anything.  Especially fancy, electronic anythings.  I normally leave Adam to buy those types of anythings.  I’ve wanted a Korg keyboard for a very long time- years, actually- and having one now make me feel like I’m turning into the cool adult I’ve always wanted to be.  Except, you know, a lot less cool.

It’s odd, because the folks out at Feedback, the music store in Rotterdam, had said that it would take 2 – 3 weeks for delivery.  But I’m learning that it’s customary for shops in Dutchland to give their customers the most pessimistic, worst-case scenario: then, when their gloomy expectations are NOT fulfilled, they get praised for their speedy service.  I’m not sure if I like this manipulation, but hey, I sure was happy to get my piano so quickly.  Such a nice surprise!  What great staff!  What excellent service!  Unfortunately it was a bit too much of a surprise because when the doorbell unexpectedly rang on Saturday morning, and the video link displayed two burly men with shifty eyes, Adam and I decided not answer the door.  Only when I peeked out the window to the bottom floor did I see the postal delivery truck.  As it drove away.  “I BET THAT WAS MY PIAAAANOOOO!” somebody screamed.  I don’t remember who.  I had to wait until the next business day, i.e., MONDAY, for the next delivery.  Argh.

Nicfucius says: The next time two strange men are at the door, invite them in for tea.  And a rummage through your underwear drawer.  They might have a piano for you.

I have documented the unpacking and set up of the newest addition to the family in flickr (as I do).  I was going to include some pics below (as I do), but there still seems to be something wrong with WordPress.  Every time I try to add a pic it shows up as an empty box.  Tomorrow I will be documenting the hoiking of the computer out the window.  I sure hope the pics will be working by then.

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