Burnside Motel Done, Top 10 NSLC’s



The long-standing and often ridiculed Burnside Hotel has closed. Check out the Trip Advisor reviews here. Rumour is a wrecking ball is coming in and a Dodge dealership is opening there.

Brightwood Brewery made their first appearance at the Alderney Market today (nice growlers) 13754434_1387957904564071_8401766780411486781_n

That new building on Hennesey at Isleville will have another store called Panache Luxury Linens.

Agora a new Turkish restaurant has opened on Agricola near the commons, where Orphan Books used to be.

Noggins Corner Farm Market opens today in the Sante Centre across from the BMO rink in Bedford, Joining Parks Health Shop, and OneUp Fitness

Woodside Mary Brown’s opens on Monday. (though I have heard they may have started already). Also, an exact spot not known but one is opening in Elmsdale as well.

I didn’t realize Natural Karaoke on Spring Garden had closed, but a new Karaoke spot is on its way Tusu Karaoke.

There is a lobster roll stand in with Dee Dee’s in Peggys Cove. On a homemade New England bun, with pickle chips and slaw $15. Mayo or butter style.13690770_1386226984737163_3839808849118362240_n

NSLC sales numbers for 2015-16 fiscal
Top 10 stores in ($ Millions)
Bayers Lake 16.2
Tacoma 15.1
Downsview 13.5
Forest Hills 13.3
Antigonish 13.2
Sydney River 13.1
Tantallon 12.3
Wyse 12.1
Portland 11.7
Spryfield 11.5

Notable that the Larry Uteck NSLC location jumped from 5.9 to 7 a jump of 19.25% Though that may come down next year now that the Hammonds Plains Express store has opened.


Last week I said 3 Hamachi’s had reopened. In reality only, two did the Hydrostone and Waterfront locations.

The 244 has opened on the corner of Gottingen and Cornwallis

Michael’s in Bedford and the Gap Outlet in Dartmouth Crossing have both started hiring I suspect they will both be open near Labour Day and the Guess store in Dartmouth Crossing will be a factory store.


The Value Village in New Minas is open way ahead of their mid previously announced mid-August opening date.

Artisan Cheese house in Mount Carmel, PE has started producing fresh Quebecois style curds to be served fresh daily in PEI 13680990_1386885178004677_3270704725291464489_n


Tim Hortons now has pre-bottled ice capp’s that they are selling at grocery stores etc.

And FYI: Map of the new street layout and development pads for Dartmouth Crossing next year.13641270_1383475565012305_7222350677772611845_o


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