Burt’s Bees reviews

I have always admired Burt’s Bee product lines at Shoppers everytime I see them, due to the fact that they are natural and that I don’t own anything from the brand except for a lip balm. So you can understand my exciment when I was offered a few products to review from the brand’s PR.

It might sound silly but I was very eager to open the package to find out what the company chose to send me.

And here they are, 4 of them in the glory of natural goodness 🙂 My review follows.

First up is the Healthy Healing Carrot Nutritive Body Lotion – 99.68% natural, retails CAD14.99.

– The texture: more like a cream than a lotion but it feels light, absorbs quickly and it is moisturizing. No greasy feeling is a plus.

– The noticeable ingredients: Carrot seed/ Sunflower/ Coconut oils, Beta Carotene (antioxidant), vitamin E and Aloe.

– The scent: herbal, with a hint of carrot (obviously). I am not really a fan of herbal scent in my moisturizer, but it does fade away quite quickly.

– The verdict: I used the lotion on my neck and arms before bed and liked how it made my skin feel in the morning – soft and moisturized. I would recommend this for those who don’t mind the herbal scent as it is a nice moisturizer with good benefits. But if you are sensitive to scent, make sure to sniff it first before buying.

Next are the 2 lip products.

The Honey Lip balm (100% natural, retails CAD4.49) smells just like honey (duh) and very moisturzing. I started using it right after I finished my Chapstick and had to admit it felt a lot better on the lips – didn’t feel waxy or heavy.

The scent was very light and nice, a change from the fruity scent I had with Chapstick. This tube sure comes in handy with this lingering winter we are having.

The Radiance Lip Shimmer (100% natural, CAD5.99) is a lip balm with added shimmer.

It smells minty, the scent I prefer not to have in my lip products, as most of the time it gives me a headache. Just personal preference I guess. I also wish the product comes with a bit of colour, 2 in 1 would be fun, don’t you think?

And I leave the most intersting product for last – Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser – 98.31% natural, CAD12.99.

– The texture: a cream cleanser, with poppy seeds acting as an exfoliator. It is quite fun to use. The poppy seeds are tiny in nature, so this won’t be a harsh scrub, very gentle on my skin.

And this is where it gest intersting. The cleanser leaves a thin layer of oil on my face and hands, which feels weird at fist, as I never had a cleanser like this. Then I realize it is the same feeling stepping out of a bath with a Lush bath melt. The oil is not greasy or heavy, and leaves the skin extremely soft. I don’t even need to apply moisturizer afterward, and that is crazy!

Note that I have an oily T-zone and the oil in this cleanser works fine on my face. I prefer using it before bed, so my skin could soak up all the goodness during the night and I have a fresh face waking up.

– The noticeable ingredients: Lemon/ Coconut oil, Yucca.

– The scent: This cleanser smells so good, like a dessert. I feel like a treat everytime I wash my face with it. I’m talking a lemon meringue pie, very fresh, citrus-y, not overly sweet. And the scent lingers a bit after too, very comforting.

– The verdict: It does take a bit of time to get used to this cleanser, but it is my favorite among the 4 products I received. I am thankful for the review opportunity, as without it, I wouldn’t have known such wonderful products that Burt’s Bee has.

What is your favorite Burt’s Bee product?

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