Bus Service on Prospect Road

Tansit_ Bus Service on the Prospect Road

       Starting on July 18, the people of the Prospect Road will be offered the chance to show their enthusiasm towards a local transit system, by means of utilizing the six-month long pilot transit service. 

       This service will be operated by Need-a-lift under contract to the Resource Opportunities Centre and will be running many routes at various time schedules.Each route will end at exhibition parks, public transits park and ride from various points along the Prospect Road including, Holt`s Store, White`s Lake, Club Road / Lakewood and the Community Centre.

    The Bus has sixteen comfortable seats and is wheelchair accessible.The Fare is three dollars or four tickets for ten dollars. We are encouraging everyone to respect and employ this great service at our disposal and anticipate that it will be a great success.

Resource Opportunities Centre

Click here for the full transit schedule

Source: http://prospectcommunities.com/component/content/article/146-transportation-information/1867-bus-service-on-prospect-road

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