Bust a Move !!!!

I went to a really interesting presentation last night. It was at the Oct gathering of “HalifaxChicks”, a really cool little mico community of women in Halifax who twitter. If you live in HRM and twitter, you are welcome to join! I love the women I have met through it, so diverse and interesting. I digress….

Anyway, Bust a Move is a local grassroots fund raising effort that is about to be officially launched on Thursday. It is raising funds for new digital mammogram machines and the funds are to be shared equally between the IWK and QE11 hospitals to help create an integrated breast health care program. This is the first time these two hospitals have come together in a fund raising program.What is great is that 100% of the funds raised go to the project!!There are sponsors to offset the other costs.

The event is on January 30th and there will be 1000 participants! It is SIX HOURS of EXERCISE led by various instructors,… Dance, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates etc. at the Halifax Metro Centre. Rumor has it that one of the instructors will be a man who loves short shorts! I say no more:) There will be wee breaks between the classes and a couple of world records are hoping to be smashed or created ( not sure which) The Guiness world record people are involved and a judge will be present. Prizes and encouragement will keep us going all day.

Did you catch that?? US? Yes!!!!!!!!!! I signed up to be a participant! The cool thing about last night was that earlier in the day I had just had my mammogram done. All the stars are aligning to tell me to DO this! I have to start training now. It is the push I need to really kick into gear and get fit!

If you would like to support this cause and me:), you can donate by clicking on the wee picture. It is via any credit card and in Canadian funds so just put the amount Canadian you want to donate and it converts into your funds on your credit card. ( you get a charitable receipt via this method.)

If you would rather donate via Paypal, I have set up a button here. You donate to me ( I set up a charity account) and I will deposit it to the BustaMove account.

If you are still reading, thanks so much! I tend to get carried away with projects that capture my fancy! This one is for a really good cause and I love that All the money donated goes directly into the fund!! We each have to commit to raising $1000. I will wash floors if I have to!

If you are from here and want to participate as part of a team you can join the HalifaxChicks team ! Male or female:)
To find them on twitter, @bustamovehfx

Better get my sweatpants and headband on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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