busy as a bee

I have been really busy these last few days. I have been turning these small stacked white 4×4″canvases into these……

Bright and simple and cheerful. They are for a shop called Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia. I find that when I have a large amount of work to do I have to plunge right in and work and work and work at it until done and then I can relax. I still have twelve larger ones to do. Whew.

As a result of all this extra work I have not been able to get much onto eBay this last little while. That sort of makes me sad because it was eBay that kickstarted my painting career. It enabled me to get my work out there ( nothing like a worldwide market:) and create a job that I love.

Speaking about love, my daughter and her friends created a fabulous meal last week in our tiny kitchen, using some Jamie Oliver( my hero) recipes. Chicken stew with white wine, cherry tomato sauce with pasta and carrot cake with lime mascarpone frosting. They had fun and we all reaped the rewards.YUM!

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