Busy Sunny Day

This is one of the fountains in the Halifax Public Gardens. A wonderful spot to while away some peaceful hours.
Today won’t be one of those days:) I have a friend coming over for a photo shoot in a short while. She is a Yoga teacher and we are going to take advantage of the billowing Forget-me-nots in my neighbors back yard for her to pose in. Ohhhhmmm.
This afternoon I am walking to help raise awareness about Darfur. A dreadful situation that is only increasing in scope. 1:30 at St. Agnes School Parking lot on Mumford to Parade Square, if anyone local is interested. So glad it is a lovely day for it. Organized by my wee friend.
Last but not least, this evening is Book Club at my place! I spent yesterday cleaning so all is well. It is a small group but lots of fun. I think we spend five minutes discussing the book and then we are off onto every topic under the sun:) More of an excuse to get together I think.

Ongoing is my “Letter Revival Festival”(until June 14) If you like receiving interesting mail and don’t mind sending a letter …this is for you! Click on the banner to learn more:) I would be happy if you could spread the word, you can use this wee banner .

Tropical Depression ONE brought some waves, but they were small and a little hard to find

Searching for waves

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