But Mommm: Summer Vacay


Ahh, vacation! It’s a chance to unplug, unwind, and recoup. I learned years ago that I vacation way better away from home and the endless list of projects and “should be doings” that linger all around.

So, we typically run away to escape and get a change of scenery. Along the way we usually build up our bank of memories and funny stories.

With two beach bums on our hands and the natural draw of water, we usually end up at a beachside cottage. This year was no exception. For seven days we swam and played by the tide schedule. We hung out, played games in the sand, read, danced, sang and entertained family and friends on the shore. It was our own little sunny paradise.

Next, we headed off to PEI for two nights of camping. This was our first time camping on our own and we fared quite well with our new gear (shout out to Twin Shores Campground). We finished off our vacation with a ferry ride and a night at our friends boating and tubing. Perfection.

The last 12 days could be summed up with a blur of hot sunshine, laughs, delicious meals, good tunes, quiet moments on the porch, warm snuggles, red sandy walks and swims, games, and lots and lots of water.


Of course not everything goes quite as planned on vacation. Our dose of reality came on our second last day as we returned to our van to get ready to drive off the ferry on the Nova Scotia side. As everyone’s vehicles roared awake our lights came on and nothing else. We started to feel that twinge of panic when attempts two and three didn’t work. Crap! We had felt so lucky to catch the earlier ferry and were looking forward to the two extra hours to spend with our friends. Being stuck on the ferry with a broken down van certainly was not part of the plan. After we determined that it wasn’t going to be fixed with a quick boost the workers literally pushed us off! I’m sure we were quite a sight. It was funny and embarrassing all at the same time. Luckily, our friends came to our rescue and we carried on with our plans within a few hours while the van sat waiting for the tow truck. One new starter later and we’ll be getting our van back soon. Ah, reality!

Even with the van mishap it will be a vacation for the books. The boys were excellent and we have lots of fun stories, experiences and memories to fill us up until the next big one in the fall…. Completely unrelated and on the down-low, does anyone have any advice on planning a Disney trip?   Shh!

Tracy is a self-employed Mom of two boys, trying to get it right the first time. By day, helping companies tell their stories through words, media and events. By night, navigating the world of Lego, Minecraft and Harry Potter.

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