Buying Proper Athletic Shoes

Four Suggestions for Getting the Athletic Shoes that Will Fit Your Needs

athletic shoesAthletic shoes are necessary to wear for proper support with both walking and running that is performed each day.

Without the right fit, it can easily lead to back pain, strained muscles, and even shin splints. There are several factors that must be considered when making a purchase to ensure that you feel comfortable and maintain your foot health for prolonged time periods.

Measure the Arch Shape of Your Feet

The overall shape of your feet can lead to a tight squeeze or too much movement within each shoe. Perform a proper measurement by dabbing your feet in water and placing your footprint on a colored sheet of paper. If there’s a curve to your print, it means you have high arches. Without the arch, you likely have flat feet or a minimal arch. If you are only able to see a portion of the forefoot and heel, your feet roll outward.

Look for Shock Absorption

Shock absorption in the heel of athletic shoes and in the ball of the foot will prevent pain from developing with consistent walking or running. The experts at Kuru Footwear say that this will reduce the amount of stress placed on each part of the foot, as well as prevent injury.

Try Shoes on at Night

When trying to find a comfortable pair of athletic shoes that hug your feet, try them on at night when your feet are more prone to be less swollen than during the day’s activities. Wear the socks or orthotics that you’d normally wear with athletic shoes to ensure there is not any wiggle room or tension within each shoe.

Check for the Depth of Tread

Many people make the mistake of wearing athletic shoes that offer the same amount of depth of the tread as everyday shoes. The depth should be deeper for a walking stride that is controlled and stable. It’s also important to choose shoes with a reinforced toe, which can prevent an injury from occurring with the added support.

Although it can be a challenge to find the right athletic shoes that complement your arch shape and still offer proper support, it simply takes a bit of research and experimentation to find the right fit. By purchasing athletic shoes that are almost customized to your feet, it will promote better performance and prevention against strain or injuries with your fitness.

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