Household Toxins That Will Surprise You

Get Rid Of The Household Toxins: 6 Surprising Products That Could Be Causing You Health Problems

household toxinsMost people don’t know that products used every day in households contain ingredients that are harmful to our health.

We live with an arsenal of chemicals in our homes and don’t even realize how dangerous they really are. These potential dangers can cause a myriad of health issues. From mothballs to air fresheners, knowing the potential dangers of products that are brought in the home is the first step in getting rid of harmful toxins and living a healthy, toxin free lifestyle. Six surprising household toxins in products include:

Antibacterial Soap

Triclosan is a chemical in antibacterial soap that disrupts hormone levels and thyroid functions. The overuse of antibacterial chemicals causes an increase of bacterial growth. They may smell nice, but are very harmful to the body. Instead, use a mild soap that doesn’t have all the extra chemicals that claim to kill bacteria and viruses. Your normal hand soap will get the job done just as effectively without the risks.

Cleaning Products

The air is contaminated when we use harsh chemicals to clean our homes. Kitchen and bathroom sprays, oven cleaners and drain openers can enter the lungs and can trigger asthmatic attacks and cause flu like symptoms. Find products that use more natural products and less chemicals to rid your home of dangerous odours. Look at melaleuca reviews and read labels to find quality products that won’t hurt your health.


While this may seems strange, it can be a health hazard and produce household toxins. Flame retardant chemicals are found in many clothing items, most commonly in pajamas. Flame retardants are supposed to deter clothing from igniting, but in fact, these chemicals are associated with many health problems including learning disabilities, infertility and thyroid problems. Make your own pajama pants with with a simple design, or research your favorite brands before purchasing your next set of pajamas.

Laundry Detergents

Scented laundry detergents contain hazardous chemicals that are linked to cancer and asthma, and they also contribute to indoor air pollution. Look for laundry detergent that has natural ingredients, and use detergent that is designed for sensitive skin so it is free of damaging fragrances.


Some have called vinyl the plastic poison, because it is very harmful to the body. Many use it on floors and walls. It contains phthalate plasticizers that can stunt growth, cause obesity and hormone disruption. Look closely before getting new additions to your home. There are companies that offer products without some of the harmful household toxins, but they may be more expensive.

Driveway Sealant

It is important not to use coal tar based sealants on driveways at your home. When it rains, the toxic chemicals run off into storm drains and into the local drinking water supply. It has been compared to pouring motor oil down a drain. Seek alternatives for your driveway that will do the job safely.

Children are the most susceptible to developing breathing problems from these harmful household toxins, particularly infants. By disposing of products in our home that contain harmful chemicals, the air we breathe will be fresher and cleaner. Discovering alternative toxic free products will take some research, but it will result in a decrease of health problems for our families. Keep your family healthy by taking a closer look at these common products in your home.

Written by freelance writer Anita Ginsburg.

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