Bye Bye Moby

UPDATE (Oct. 15/09): I was informed that it was probably in my best interest to take down the set photos from the Moby Dick shoot. However, if you’re still hoping to check them out, go to Shelburne County Now’s Website.

Yesterday was my final day working on Mike Barker’s MOBY DICK. I had a grand total of three days (one in Lunenburg, two in Shelburne) on the set, and I can easily say that this was one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever worked on. The caliber of the cast is humbling. And when I say humbling, I mean you’re too scared to say anything that makes you look like an idiot, and then all of the awesome actors will just remember you as “that idiot”. Jeesh.

I managed to snag a small bit of memorabillia for this adventure, the sign from my very first trailer…
Photo 4

…my character’s name was actually Tom, but my computer mirrored the image, and rather than flipping it back, I thought it was amusing to envision my character’s name as Mot, and then starting a family business with Tomatoe juice.

…Moving on.

Photographer Timothy Gillespie was on set for the day, and took a few shots.

There’s plenty more available for paroosing over at Shelburne County Today’s website. Either at or over at .

I should have a few more up on here within a few days. Stay tuned.

I would like to send out a big thank you to of those who helped make my experience on the set a wonderful one. I hope I am not considered “that idiot”.

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