Cams X Canada: Halifax Edition

I was recently asked to participate in a fun cross Canada contest using a new Fujifilm camera. The goal was to capture my region of Canada which is exactly what this blog is all about! Below you’ll see the images I’ve submitted to the competition but you can check out the other entries on the Cams Across Canada Flickr page.

A view from Citadel Hill overlooking Halifax Harbour where new and historic buildings meet in a thriving downtown core.

At Point Pleasant Park in Halifax these markings were left behind on the beach. We see human and canine prints and the mysterious snake line in the sand.

A landmark at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, this anchor is a memorial to Canadian soldiers who died at sea during peacetime.

Wildlife abounds at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax whether it’s nuthatches who will feed from your hand, the seagulls who feast on mussels, or the squirrels who chirp for the photographer’s attention.

St. Margaret’s Bay, NS offers a wide range of scenic views that are perfect for a day trip even in the frigid winter season.

On a cool winter day in St. Margaret’s Bay, NS, the sun came out just long enough to warm this rock and allow the icy sheen to break away.

Nothing says East Coast more than the fishing vessels and tools of the trade that still today put food on the table for not just families here but also abroad in international trade.

The quaint fishing village is often overlooked for the main tourist attraction in the area.

No trip to Halifax is complete without making a visiting to this popular tourist destination.

The beautiful monument by William E. deGarthe depicts St. Elmo (the patron saint of sailors) and Peggy of the Cove overlooking 32 fishermen and their families.


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