Canada Exclusive!

Lately I haven’t had much luck with postal services. Not that I complain Canada Post, but there were a few packages didn’t make it to me as expected. Starting around last August, I noticed a package was lost (a prize pack that I won from a blog), then I was waiting forever for a pigment order that I placed in July. The latter turned out to be the seller’s mistake of not processing the order, not Canada Post’s fault, but I started to have a weird feeling in my stomach about getting (or not getting) parcels.

While I was away on vacation, there were some parcels I expected to receive but didn’t make it to my mail box as of now. Without a tracking number, if the people who sent the packages said they did send them, I don’t know what to do. One of the packages is very exciting, I can’t wait to get it and share with you all. Let’s cross our fingers that it would find the way to get to me soon.

Consider this picture as a subtle hint of what might be coming in that package. No, not a cat but it’s about Canada, lol. The caption is hilarious!

I am unpacking, so there will be a few things I got at home to blog about. And if you saw my post about the Porter disaster, I finally decided to get it off my chest by emailing their Customer Relations (thanks to reader Michelle’s suggestion). We’ll see how it turns out. Oh Canada! 🙂

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