Choose me some shoes

Fashionistas, help me out here, will ya? I have been into boots this year, for some reason. I always steer away from them before, due to the crazy high heels they come with. I guess I have grown a passion with leggings, and then that linked to boots, lol.

Coming back from vacation, seeing whatever left after Boxing Week, I didn’t see anything that sparked my interest. Browsing the web though, I found something. These cuties are from Spring, on sale, in my size.

The first pair is Kommer (yes, their shoes all have interesting names instead of just numbers), and the other pair is Madie, CAD60 on for CAD31.50 each. They are quite unique, in my opinion. Didn’t see them in store, so the only place I could get them is online. Hate that shipping is only free with CAD49 orders though.

And this one is Lesidi, CAD70 down to CAD35. Nothing particularly amazing about it, just the suede look and the fold over that got me. What do you think about the style?

I’m not really excited about the discount though, shouldn’t these shoes be on for at least 50% off. I remember Spring always has half off sale for Boxing week. Should I wait then?

The fact is I have bought some boots this winter (from Sirens, Suzy Shier and Winners), my guts tell me I wouldn’t need any more. The problem is my mind though 🙂 I guess you guys can relate to that, exact same thing we experience with makeup.

We are already at midweek, can you believe that? Have you got used to writing “2010” instead of 2009 yet? 🙂 Anyway, come and share you favorite place to shop for shoes or your favorite style with me.

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