Canada Reads 2013 – Turf Wars-…..and the winner is:

Canada Reads 2013 - Turf Wars-.....and the winner is: In the recent “turf wars” version of Canada Reads 2013 February (M) by Lisa Moore took the prize as the book all Canadians should read this year. It was pitted against selections from four other Canadian regions and emerged as the winner. The story is a fictional account of one family’s story after the sinking of the oil rig Ocean Ranger:
Helen O’Mara’s life is divided between her everyday existence as mother and grandmother and her internal memories and reflections on her life with her late husband Cal who died long ago aboard the oil rig Ocean Ranger. Then Helen’s wayward son John returns home asking his mother to help him decide how to deal with his girlfriend’s pregnancy. – HPL catalogue
Here is an interview with author Lisa Moore and Canada Reads defender Trent McClellan on the anniversary of the sinking of the Ocean Ranger, February 15, 1982:

If you’d like to read the runners-up:
Two Solitudes (M)
Canada Reads 2013 - Turf Wars-.....and the winner is: by Hugh MacLennan (Quebec, defended by Jay Baruchel)
Indian Horse (M)
by Richard Wagamese (British Columbia and Yukon, defended by Carol Huynh)
Away (M)
by Jane Urquhart (Ontario, defended by Charlotte Gray)
The Age of Hope (M)
by David Bergen (Prairies and the North, defended by Ron MacLean)



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