Can The Canucks Go All The Way?

On CKDU Sports today, Chris Trembley said that the Vancouver Canucks will not be a factor as the NHL playoffs continue.
“Vancouver is not playoff ready, they’re not built for the playoffs. When push comes to shove, is Vancouver tough enough?”
Chris’ question may have been valid in the several years following the Bertuzzi/ Naslund/ Morrison era, but I’m not sure the ‘Nucks are really that soft.
Roberto Luongo certainly isn’t. St. Louis has only put 3 pucks past him in 3 games. The Sedins appear to be much stronger than years past, and guys like Alex Burrows (51 pts) and Ryan Kessler (59) have emerged as top 6 forwards, The roster has allot of size throughout the roster (only 2 players are below 6’0”). On the point they still have venerable plus/minus guys like Mattias Ohlund and Sami Salo alongside rugged youngsters Alex Edler and Shane O’Brien.
Chris knows allot more about hockey than I do, but I would not be surprised to see the Canucks make a run.


Watching game 3 of this series, the Flames down 2 games to none, but leading 4-1. I think if you’re a Calgary fan, you have to be really disappointed if the Flames do not win this series. The Flames have a really balanced team, even without Robyn Regehr. They have the better goalie, more size, comparable speed, and more experience. The Blackhawks should still be a couple years away, the Flames window of opportunity is now.
For a guy who never played in the playoffs before this season, Olli Jokinen sure knows how to play playoff hockey!

Canucks vs Flames?
Just in case you are wondering, the Flames playing the Canucks in the next round is very possible…if the Flames can get past the Hawks.
Assuming the first round match ups play out the way they are looking now, the Red Wings would play the Ducks, and the Canucks would get the Flames. That would be alot of fun!

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