Cars in Ridgevale neighbourhood broken into

Over the last couple of weekends, several cars in the Ridgevale neighbourhood of Bedford have been messed up inside by someone looking for something to steal.

It appears that they are targeting unlocked cars, as there have been no reports of broken windows or locks.

One of Councillor Tim Outhit’s vehicles was ransacked last night. They must have left a door unlocked. Nothing was taken, but everything from the various compartments was on the floor. There was no GPS or cell phone in the van.

“I guess they don’t like my taste in music!”  jokes Outhit. “Other folks I have spoken with have had a similar experience.”

One victim heard young voices around 11:30 p.m. last week, and found a mess in his car the next morning.

Wade MCCallum, homeowners’ Chair, and Fredi Williams, neighbourhood watch lead, will put a note on the Ridgevale website and in the upcoming newsletter, regarding locking vehicle doors and about reporting suspicious activities.

Apparently Doyle Street was hit last night too.

The police has also been made aware of these crimes.

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