Liberal leader speaks with students at CPA High School

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff takes questions from students at Charles P. Allen High School on Friday.

The students and faculty at Charles P. Allen High School showed today’s young people care deeply about their country and are tuned into the issues of the day, Halifax West MP Geoff Regan said Friday.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Mr. Regan had a wide-ranging exchange with the student body at the Bedford high school on Friday afternoon.

“I was impressed by the insightful questions posed by the students and the range of their interests,” Mr. Regan said.

“We had a thorough discussion on everything from the environment and Afghanistan to why youth should vote and the financial health of the country. And I must say it was more civil than much of the debate that occurs in Question Period.”

Mr. Regan added that Mr. Ignatieff’s unscripted public meetings with students and other Canadians is in stark contrast to the highly-controlled meetings Prime Minister Harper organizes with select guests.

“The students at Charles P. Allen, and Nova Scotians in general, appreciate the fact that we are here to listen to them and value their input into the political process,’’ Mr. Regan noted.

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