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Catalphabet!! A Book in the Making….

I’ve been working away on a children’s book recently. An alphabet primer called Catalphabet. It  has been a really fun project and harder than one might imagine. Alliteration that is interesting, not too simple and relates to the pictures takes work:) Fun though.

I made a VERY rough mock up to see if it might actually work as a book and yes, I am pleased with it. I’ve shared it with a few people and they have had positive things to say. With an editor and proper layout it will look great! I am trying to decide whether to self-publish, look for an agent or contact a publishing company directly. Wondering if any of you out there reading has experience or advice? I have talked to a few people already and am still weighing pros and cons. Any advice??
ALSO…..this is happening in two weeks! People are registering (Yay!) so if you want a spot, act soon!!! REGISTER HERE  or email me if you prefer not to register online or have any questions.

About Shelagh Duffett

An artist and mum to a beautiful daughter. I live in the gorgeous province of Nova Scotia, Canada and write about bits and pieces of my life. Alice is the name of my grandmother, who was an amazing business woman and Paris is a city we LOVE. Art and tea are necessities!


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