4:17 pm - Tuesday, April 7 2020
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Everything about local food.

parmesan tuiles


The other day I was all gung-ho to make parmesan tuiles.  The recipe was from a trusted name in the cooking industry but as I was dishing out the ingredients, something inside me was saying the quantities, oven temperature and method seemed...

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pork belly adobo


Adobo is a sauce that is indigenous to the Philippines.  When the Spanish colonists settled in the Philippines during the 16th century, they saw this traditional Filipino cooking method and called it adobo (from the Spanish word adobar,...

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how we lost weight


Up until six years ago, the thought of trying to lose weight was an anomaly.  I had been blessed with genes that allowed me to burn off calories without ever having to go on a diet.  I am active so heaven knows what my weight would be...

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