11:33 am - Saturday, April 4 2020
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Ctv Morning Live: Hat Trends

Recently I caught up with Heidi of CTV Morning Live, and we round off their hat week by chatting all about hat trends. From fedoras to beanies to floppy hats we covered the spectrum of what's hot for hats.Special thanks to ProSkates, and Envy...

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Diy Pom Pom Shoe Clips


Okay I fully realize that my pom pom obsession is full blown out of control, but seriously how cute are these shoes? And with Valentine's Day just around the corner I can think no better time to bust out my favorite heels. Try to find some...

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A Note On Valentine’s Day


Remember how excited you used to get when you would be sitting on the bus on your way home from school with a personally decorated brown bag of valentines on your lab, and belly full of candy? When we were kids we didn't feel left out, or unloved...

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