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How To Wear A Fur Vest

It never fails whenever I wear my fur vest I undoubtedly hear the exact same comment every single time….

FEATURED ITEMS:  Vest, c/o Envy | Talula Blouse, c/o Aritzia | Jeans, Rag and Bone Slim Boyfriend Jeans c/o Aritzia (similar) | Hat, c/o Envy | Boots, Vince Camuto (similar) | Watch, c/o Bulova | Wishbone Necklace, c/o Beck and Boosh | Pearl Necklace. H&M |  Rings, Claires + H&M |
“I wish I could wear a fur vest”
This comment breaks my heart because it leads me to think that these individuals are holding themselves back because they are too afraid of “doing it wrong” or “looking bad”.
I am of the firm believe that you should never not do something because you’re afraid both with style and in life. I mean within reason of course I don’t want you to go hurt yourself or anything, but when it comes to trying out new trends I say go for it! You only live once, and life is way to short to wish you could do something! 
What I liked about this vest was that it was thin, and the perfect light weight texture. I’m not really looking to add more bulk to my body, so it was important that the vest be thin, and light so I didn’t get too warm while wearing it indoors. 
I understand if you don’t want to wear fur for ethical reasons, but there are some really great faux options available too, and if you shop smart you’d never know the difference. However, some things to think about when shopping for faux fur is that the longer the fur the more likely that it’s going to look fake and therefore inexpensive. If you want the faux fur to look legit opt for a tighter, shorter hair “fur”, and it’ll be less likely to tangle and look synthetic etc. 
When it comes to styling your fur vest I literally just toss it on over a basic turtleneck, button up shirt, maybe a sweater, or t-shirt. I typically pair my fur vest with jeans for a causal look, and a skirt for a more dressy look. See this look below where I paired it with a tulle skirt, leather jacket and statement necklace (for outfit details see this previous post).
Bottom line if you like it wear it, and don’t pay any mind to anyone else who says otherwise. Fashion rules are really just guidelines anyways!

Happy New Year Blog Reader! 


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