Challenge Update

I really need to be doing this more often. The weight loss challenge between The Husband and I will soon be up! Our little boy turns ONE in 10 days. TEN! That is our “finish” day for our challenge. And I have to say, my husband is whoopin my behind! Even though we are going by total percentage of weight lost, our start weights were only a pound apart and he’s got about 8 pounds on me right now and has hit his 40 lbs lost mark! I’m so proud of him!

We loved having this little challenge with each other so much and found it so motivating that we’ve decided to have a “Part 2” running from September 1 – December 1. The stakes have yet to be determined because we don’t want to make ourselves go broke allowing ourselves to spend too much reward money! So we are toying with the idea that since we plan on having the main floor of our house repainted this Fall, the winner gets to choose the colours.

Now this is exciting for me if I WIN because I get to get play and have fun redecorating because we never really did put our own personal stamp on our new house since we moved in and we’ve been here for 2 years now. The colour scheme currently is very neutral beige and is all ONE colour on the main floor – BORING! My latest online obsession is Pinterest and I can hardly wait to put some of the ideas I’ve pinned to use. Loooooove Pinterest!

The downside is that if I LOSE the next challenge, he pretty much will repaint the entire place the same colour only a shade or two darker —-> BORING!!! I simply cannot let that happen!

I’m very happy with my progress to date and my next goal is to return to my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas time (185lbs), which is fitting since I found out I was preggers on Boxing Day in what will be two years ago this Christmas. Ummm…whoa…

I have a post in draft about baby finger foods. I’ve gotten a few questions from people asking me about what my little guy eats so I’ll have a post soon on that. I find it helpful to get ideas from other Moms, so I hope it helps give some ideas to anyone who’s looking for some!



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