Kingsbrae Gardens and Gallery

Day two in Saint Andrews started with a wonderful breakfast at the Kingsbrae Arms and a beautiful sunny day! We strolled over to the gardens to have a look before popping into the gallery.

Kingsbrae Garden is listed as one of the top five to see in Canada!

It covers 27 acres and was donated by John and Lucinda Flemer. The public garden opened in 1998.

There are more than 2,500 varieties of trees, shrubs and plants. So gorgeous.

There is even a small area with alpacas and goats. Meet “Liberty”, a wee alpaca that was born on July 4th.

There are also many smaller gardens within Kingsbrae one of which is called Scents and Sensitivities, which was created for blind people. In it are beautifully scented flowers and herbs. You are invited to stroke and smell and gently crush for scent. There are interesting plants like Lamb’s Ear and spikey succulents that are wonderfully tactile. The garden is waist high, built on a horseshoe shaped wall so one only has to walk along it and touch and smell. Brilliant!

Open spaces and tons of sculpture everywhere. This fountain caught my attention!

And look at this creature high in the trees!

There were formal rose gardens and wild beds of colour. Orchards and demonstration gardens.

I LOVED this moose!
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And of course how could I not take a picture of this wee whimsical doggie plunked next to a water hydrant
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Finally we found ourselves at the cafe/gift shop and gallery. The reason for this trip!
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Ta dah!
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This Folk Art show will run until October 8th.
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The other artists are Brian Allen Adams, Jantje Blokhuis Mulder, Beatrice McFadden, Maureen McIlwain, Holly McKay, and Maureen Newman.
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Love the saying on the hooked rug ~Never Let Yesterday Use Up Today~ true…
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Can you pick out mine?
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