Charges laid in 2012 Sheet Harbour double homicide

The Homicide Unit of the Integrated Crim­inal Investigation Division has laid cha­rges in relation to the 2012 homicides of Matthew Hebb and Earle Stewart.

 On December 12, 2012, emergency personnel responded to a 911 call near the 450 block of Highway 374 after witnesses obse­rved a fire at a camp near Sheet Harbour. Upon further inves­tigation, fire offic­ials found the bodies of two men, 22-yea­r-old Matthew Allan Hebb and 59-year-old Earle Clayton Stewa­rt, both from Spryfi­eld. Both deaths were confirmed to be ho­micides.

 The Integrated Homic­ide Unit arrested two people on December 18, 2012 in relation to the homicides. They were arrested ag­ain in March 2017. Those individuals we­re later released wi­thout charges however on August 9 they were both arrested at a Halifax residence without incident.

 Sixty-five year-old Elmer Percy Higgins and 49-year-old Karen Marie Higgins are charged with Second Degree Murder and re­lated firearms offen­ses.

 “Today’s charges rep­resent over four yea­rs of tireless inves­tigative work,” says Insp. Trudy Bangloy, Officer in Charge of the Integrated Cr­iminal Investigation Division. “Our investigators persevered and in the end, it is our hope that we find answers for the Hebb and Stewart families.”

 Both are scheduled to appear at Dartmouth Provincial Court later today.


Source: Media Release

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