Chatelaine Magazine – “Unexpected Bonus of Blogging”


A while ago I was contacted for a journalist who was writing an article for Chatelaine Magazine about blogging.  She was interested in my input for her piece for the June issue.  I of course was excited to participate and while I was half expecting to only make the cutting room floor, I got my hands on the June issue today and sure enough there I am!  Well, not “me” in the flesh, but a very respectable four lines of mention! 😀  I was pleased that she chose to mention the thing that I tend to emphasize the most about my experience with blogging:


Speaking of my love for my “cyberspace supporters and friends” (that’s you!), you  mayhave heard around the blogosphere that us Halibloggers are expecting another visit this weekend from not only Cat and Jen, but also Marie and Tara!  It certainly will not be the same without Amy this time though *sniffs*

There are some good times and some serious quality time planned with the ladies, not to mention some running in the Bluenose Marathon events! 

I can’t wait to keep you all updated on our shenanigans and well, as much as I would love to, I don’t think they could possibly compare to the last time where we had some unforgettable times and I believe some late night trampoline olympics were taking place 😀

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