Check your money to avoid a counterfeit scare!

Check your money to avoid a counterfeit scare! On the 11th Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP Counterfeit Currency Coordinator said to me…“Checking your bank notes during every transaction protects your money and prevents the circulation of counterfeit currency.”

Sgt. Tom Murdock reminds consumers and retailers of the following counterfeit awareness tips. Keep in mind that there are two types of bank notes (bills) now in circulation, the Canadian Journey series notes and the new Polymer notes. For either type of note, pick two or three security features that you are comfortable with using regularly:

Canadian Journey Notes ($5, $10, $20, $50 and $100):
Remember the TILL method of authenticity:

– Tilt it (see the colour shift on the metallic strip)
– Touch it (feel the raised ink)
– Look through it (check for the ghost image in the centre of the note)
– Look at it (look at the overall appearance of the note)

Polymer Note (currently only $100 note in circulation)
Remember the Feel, Look, Flip method of authenticity:

– Feel (smooth texture of the note, raised ink on Bank of Canada)
– Look (large transparent window, sharp image of metallic building)
– Flip (features on the large transparent window are repeated on the other side)

If you encounter a counterfeit note ask the retailer for another note. Advise them you believe the note in question is counterfeit and it is their responsibility to turn the note over to police. You are responsible for the bank notes you hold and checking your notes is your best defense against counterfeiting.

The RCMP works closely in partnership with law enforcement agencies and the Bank of Canada to maintain public confidence in Canada’s currency.


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