China Glaze Toe-tally Textured

Tuesday was the 12 year mark of Hurricane Juan, the worst storm (Category 2) that hit this town since 1893. And today we are gearing up for lots of rain through Friday.

Exciting stuff!

Have to try to cheer myself up from all that with a bright texture polish. This is China Glaze Toe-tally Textured from the Texture collection 2 years ago.

I have only showed you one other shade from this collection before – In the Rough and it is not as bright. This orange is definitely one of the rare things to save me from misery right now 🙂

I did one and a half coats with Toe-tally Textured to smooth out some bald spots on my part. No “Pixie Dust”-like sparkly glow here but it is beautiful enough on its own anyway. No complain here.

I will have to get to the rest of the Texture shades in the stash soon, feeling guilty that I have been leaving them in the untried pile for so long.

It has been quite quiet on the new nail polish front for me, which explains why I was wearing lots of old shades. Nothing wrong with that, but I do hope for something new and exciting coming soon.

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