Essence Good Girl Bad Girl lipsticks

I finally found the display of Essence Good Girl Bad Girl collection last week.

I grabbed the 2 lipsticks first, $3.49 each.

Still have the standard Longlasting lipstick packaging, with the collection name printed on the tube.

The colour indication strips and the coloured labels at the bottom give good indication of the colours, and there are testers on the display as well.

I think it was neat that the colours interpreted the Good Girl – Bad Girl concept pretty well, one “evil” dark colour, one “innocent” pink 🙂

Here are It wasn’t Me! (left) and Caught in the Middle (right).

The pigmentation in these two lipsticks is slightly more sheer with the first coat compared to the core shades, but they layer up quite nicely.

It wasn’t Me! looks almost black in the tube. On, it is a very dark plum with a strong tint of purple. A bit patchy, requires a bit of care in application.

As an opposite, Caught in the Middle is brighter in the tube, goes on more subtle. Like I said, it looks innocent and cheerful, as intended. Not totally my type of colour but it is great to layer on top of It wasn’t Me! to lighten it.

Swatches below were 2 coats, flash on the left, natural light on the right.

I always have a soft spot for Essence LE lipsticks and wish they had more shades in this collection. The display only has 3 tubes of each shade, so get them soon.

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