Christmas Time is Here

I remember last Christmas questioning what Advent meant to me. How could I possibly enter into a spirit of waiting for something that comes every year when I had grown out of the Santa stage? How could I transform that into anticipation for a child who came two thousand years ago? What did Advent mean amongst all the hussle and bussle of budgets and wrapping paper?


Advent. The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.


Christmas Time is Here

This year I decided to enter into Advent instead of just question my role in it. This year I am trying to make Christmas be more than just stress leading up to a wonderful day. I am trying to move beyond the gingerbread and the twinkling lights and the fancy bows and the empty wallets. I am trying to really understand that Christmas can be a period of transformation.

I know it is December ninth. The season of Advent started almost three weeks ago and nine windows have already been opened on the chocolate calendar (which I am thoroughly enjoying). But if you haven’t taken the time yet this Christmas season to think about anything beyond preparing for the gifts and the guests, may I humbly suggest a little transformation of your own? There are some wonderful resources that go beyond the Countdown to Christmas (although how fun is that?!).

If you’re looking for a suggestion – one especially geared towards a blog-reading audience – I would love to suggest this blog. I, for one, have been loving the daily reflections on Advent. I hope that by jumping over to it, you’ll be able to jump into the meaning of Christmas a little more this year.


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