Christmas tree lighting at Captain William Spry Centre

Dropped in to the Captain William Spry Centre Christmas tree lighting tonight – unfortunately, about seven minutes after they lit the tree. However, Andrea Cochrane, who is the MC every year, (also the coordinator of the Chebucto West Community Health Board) told me that things went just as usual. Santa tosses a puff of sparkly dust at the tree and all the lights turn on. It’s Christmas magic, don’t you know?!

There were lots of families there, although for some reason turnout was a bit lower than last year. I heard that this might have been due to some schedule conflicts Christmas concerts at the schools. I saw Councillor Steve Adams out, as well as lots of staff from the Captain William Spry Centre, Marjorie Willison of Chebucto Connections, and the community policing unit.

There was cranberry punch and St. Paul’s Family Resources Institute brought shortbread cookies for decorating. There was a crafts table at the back of room, where I made a Christmas card on lovely heavy cardstock paper. Also at the crafts table, Sabine Fels of the Arts Express program from J.L. Ilsley introduced me to one of her students, who was volunteering to help people make some very pretty origami decorations. I made three in different colours, and I’m planning on hanging them up in my window for the season.

There was facepainting, and I also saw a couple of costumes, including a great Mrs. Claus. One cute little guy was dressed in an entire Santa costume, and his mom told me it was his first Christmas ever! I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I forgot my camera. However, I met Darrell Oake, the Weekly News photographer, and he was taking lots, so you can see them when your copy comes in the mail.

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