Chuck: A botched mission

Chuck kicked off 2011 with a bang. Well, actually considering Chuck’s several failed attempts to propose to Sarah it was more like a fizzle, but the episode itself was a bang.

The episode had everything I wanted bad ass fight scenes, cool, jet-setting spy life, hilarious Morgan moments and some romantic mushy stuff with Chuck and Sarah.

 The First Attempt…

We kicked things off with Chuck and Sarah in a romantic Italian restaurant, but something wasn’t right. Someone was hiding something. Yep, Chuck’s hand trembled under the table as he held…and engagement ring! What a pleasant alternative, usually people hide guns under tables on this show. I have to say, I didn’t think Chuck would go in such a traditional route with his proposal. A restaurant? Champagne? A string quartet? Balloons? A horse-drawn carriage? Sure, it’s over the top and romantic. But it’s been done. It didn’t matter though, because before Chuck could pull out the ring Sarah told him a horror story of her own parents’ proposal gone wrong and he had to abort the mission. Yikes!

…The Second Attempt…

Next, Chuck and Sarah went to France on a mission (along with Casey posing as Chuck’s personal man servant, ha!) but Chuck’s mind was really on his new super secret sub-mission —proposing to Sarah. Again.   After four seasons I am totally ready for these two to tie the knot, so I was hoping Chuck wouldn’t hit too many hiccups. Things weren’t so easy, though. After all, they were there to catch retrieve top secret spy information from bad guys, and that doesn’t leave much time to relax and admire the sunset. Which, you know, is when Chuck had planned on proposing. 

…And The Third Attempt

Chuck didn’t get a chance to pop the question, but next thing you knew he and Sarah were headed back to France to catch the bad guys once and for all. So what does Chuck do? Of course, he starts planning the proposal again! This time he had Morgan as back up, who was secretly working as a double agent for Sarah as well. Even Casey got in on the action. It seemed like everything was going smoothly —Chuck dropped the ring, Sarah rescued it, there was a beautiful full moon…and then Sarah got arrested for treason. 

That one threw me for a loop. I never saw it coming. Sarah and General Beckman had developed a secret plan for Sarah to go way undercover to take down Volkoff and rescue Chuck’s mom. It’s a nice gesture and all, but don’t you just want these crazy kids to get married? I kind of do. 

The subplot, which saw Lester try to woo a girl from his homeland (of Canada, what what!), was not my favorite. I’ve never loved Jeffster the way other fans do, and I’m perfectly happy with Jeff and Lester just making rare, small appearances. In fact, I’m kind of OK with them not really being around at all. I’d rather see Morgan, Big Mike and Casey get the screen time, or Ellie and Awesome. Speaking of Ellie and Awesome, they were completely absent from the episode. What gives? 

Highlights of the episode included Sarah pretending to drunkenly stumble into a wine cellar in order to save Casey, Morgan telling Casey “No offense” when he tells Sarah that Chuck’s his best friend, and Casey’s advice to Chuck based on his own past marriage proposal. Plus Chuck taking out several bad guys without spilling his wine (which contained a very important nanochip) was pretty awesome. 

What did you think of “Chuck vs. The Balcony”? Will Sarah get Chuck’s mom back? Will they ever get their perfect proposal?

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