City Church applies to set up local radio station for Sambro Loop

City Church in Spryfield has applied to set up a local radio station broadcasting to the Spryfield-Sambro Loop area. The church is across from the Sobeys and beside the community policing station.

The church is looking for a 50 watt transmitter, would would only reach as far as Sambro and Purcell’s Cove. Pastor Jerry Kendrick told me on Wednesday his group, which is mostly being led by the local churches, intends to broadcast Christian music and local news. That would include interviews with local people, traffic, events, and community goings-on.

The application is to the CRTC, and appeared in Wednesday’s Herald on page A9. The application is for a “commercial specialty” station. Pastor Kendrick said that means the station could carry some advertising, but he expects it will be mostly funded by listeners and community groups. He doesn’t know yet just how much the station will cost to set up and run.

The station will be run by volunteers and will offer local adults and youth the chance to learn about broadcasting. Kendrick has a background in radio, and he said he will be teaching anybody who is interested in trying to DJ or announce.


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