Closed for the Victoria Day Holiday

L-A: You probably came looking for shoe porn, non? Alas, it is the Victoria Day long weekend and we here at Fashionable People, Questionable People took advantage of that. Ally swanned off to rural NS to shop at Frenchy’s and drink wine and we actually had summer like weather, so I’ve been opening up my patio and container gardening.

Shoe porn will return, probably tomorrow. Until then, Her Royal Majesty:

I should have done Queen Victoria inspired fashion, but it was just too nice outside to try and think of ways to wear lots of lace and satin.

For the Americans reading this blog:

Victoria Day is like your Memorial Day. FPQT won’t be taking Memorial Day off, so you’ll get shoe porn on that long weekend. Since the holiday falls on the 24th of May, it is also named after this:

A two-four of beer. Which you can find at a lot of campsites and cottages this weekend. It is also something that Ally and I were not drinking this weekend (although, the husbands may have). The only thing we drink from a case is wine.

While we’re on the subject of drinks, I’d like to remind you that we’ll make the draw for Sex and the City tickets tonight. Winner will be announced tomorrow. For those of you do not win, we’d still like it if you came and had drinks with us at Victor’s in Park Lane (7pm). Even if you don’t go to the movie, you can still have a drink.

Sock monkeys!!!

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