Favourite Friday – May 21 Edition: It’s like the prom for old people

Ally: We’re shameless here at FPQT, which is why we love throwing parties that allow us  to dress in our finest garb. I totally made fun of the chicks who dressed up for the first SATC movie, and I was expecting to get my best bitchface on to judge the same chicks for the second go around with the release of SATC 2. Thing is, I’m exactly like them.  So, we decided to have an impromptu viewing party that would provide an essential reason to wear a cocktail dress and fancy shoes. I mean, seriously, I can’t show up at Victor’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I’m a fashion blogger for eff’s sake.

My favourite things this week are mostly prom related. Including the girl who was arrested for her inappropriate prom dress.


I’d book her too. Wow. That’s some klassy dressage. Although, she did take care to match her prom date.


I would also like to thank Jessica Halter, who was also arrested on her prom night, for giving FPQT our Official Throw-Down Line:

“You are fucking bitches, this is my prom, I’m not drunk,”

Amazing. I truly could not have said it better myself. Actually, I can.  I’ve been saying it to my husband all night in response to various questions…

El Jeffe: Please tell me you did not purchase Sex and the City tickets for your blog contest on my MasterCard.

Me: You are fucking bitches, this is my prom, I’m not drunk.

(Editors note: I couldn’t believe he accused me of this. It was ridiculous. We purchased them with L-A’s husband’s Visa. )

Here is Jessica:

Stunning. Even after a tussle with the po-po the hair stays put. That’s determination. This one’s for you Jessica:
And for the crappy pop music video of the week, I thought it was only appropriate that I provided you with a cheesy YouTube montage of the girls from SATC.
I actually love that song. It’s on my ipod. Don’t you remember it from the series finale? Warning NUDITY! NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (I can just see all of you slowing turning around to check the scene before click, click, clicking)
Can’t wait to see you bitches next Wednesday.
L-A: All this talks brings back memories of one of our earliest blog posts. Remember the vag prom dress?
Best. Dress. Ever. Even a year later, I love that the dress exists.
I’m a little disappointed that they arrested that poor girl. Not Jessica, but the one with the inappropriate prom wear. I don’t like it, but good for her for wearing something a little different.  As for Jessica, well, someone tell me what hairspray she uses. She was spitting blood at the cops and still her hair had lift by the time she got her mug shot taken. Impressive! Also, is it just me, or does Jessica’s mug shot look like what I think Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s mug shot would look like? Just me? Okay.
As for our party, I might just wear jeans and keds. Just to be anti-SATC. I’m at the party for the chance to drink and then snark on that movie. Because dudes, that movie looks like it’s going to be train wreck. Have you seen this?
Now, take a look at this:
Separated at birth? Okay, maybe not. But just a few feathers and about three sequins short of being just that.

Speaking of sequins and feathers, we’re gearing up for a Field Trip to the Public Gardens for Intern Krista’s Promservations 2010. That’s right. We’re going Prom Watching! Get you flasks ready, because this is could be one heck of an outing. Fingers crossed that we find Halifax’s own Jessica.

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